Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Hunt for the MacGuffin

We've played a few games of Firebrand lately. The rules hold up well and the new order system makes moving blocks of soldiers around the battlefield easier and less prone to turn-overs than the original SBH.

I'll post a batrep of the latest game below. Here's a peek at the gaming table:

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Firebrand errata

This post will collect the official rule amendments and additions for Firebrand.


  • When a group of soldiers enters a fray as a result of being issued a charge order, any soldiers, friendly or otherwise, within one short of the fray may move to join the fray. Only soldiers who are not already engaged in combat may move to join the fray. The combat test initiated by the charge order is resolved after all willing soldiers have joined the fray.


  • Once a soldier has cast a spell, he may not attempt to cast another spell before his next activation.



  • If a soldier performs a ranged attack against a soldier with armoured, the defender will only be affected by the attack if the attacker has rolled an even result for the purpose of the combat test.


  • If a group of soldiers with feedback rolls [1] in a combat test after having been issued a volley order, only one of the soldiers in the group will fall. The opponent controlling the defending soldier chooses which one of the attacking soldiers will fall.